Our Rules for Engagement


  1. Illegal activity will not be tolerated by The New Internet users.  ONLY Verified users can flag any comment they wish to flag, see rules below. The New Internet is controlled by its verified users. 


2.   Users will be invited to get "Verified" these "verified users" will be empowered to police the platform.  

      Become a verified user click here

a. If a verified user flags an unverified user for illegal activity, the comment will be flagged for review. The New Internet will send an email to the unverified users account and provide two options:


I.  Verify the account so that The New Internet Team can ensure a real person, and not a bot is posting. Then, the New Internet Legal Committee will review the content to ensure it is not illegal or considered hate speech, note we only step in if your comment is flagged.

II. If the unverified user that created the comment does not verify their account within 24 hours, the comment is permanently removed with out The New Internet Committee or any other action needed.

3.  If a verified user flags another verified user, the comment will be sent to The New Internet Committee for internal review.  Verified users will be kicked off The New Internet if they abuse their policing power. 

4.  Verified and Unverified users can be kicked off The New Internet if they do not follow are Rules of Engagement

5.  The New Internet Committee reserves the right to delete any comments that are illegal in nature at any time.

The original purpose of the Internet was to create a digital way for the world to share ideas, collaborate and communicate with

the world. In the last few years, we have seen a decline on are ability to have a free and open internet because the Old Internet

is ravaged with trolls, bots, hate speech, fake news, censorship, and privacy concerns.  At "The New Internet" ® , our goal is to

empower verified users to create a more secure, free and private internet where diverse thoughts and opinions can be shared

without bullying and fear of intimidation. Everyone should have the Freedom to speak their mind and speak their truths.