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UPDATE: The New Internet Battles against MORE Tech/Press Censorship & Launches New Windows Browser

Quick Update: "The New Internet" raised funds on GoFundMe to fight for Freedom of Speech and anti-censorship. Without warning, GoFundMe decided to shut down our fundraising campaign and return all of the money from supporters of free speech. We tried to send a press release sharing this injustice, but PRNewswire refused to send it and told our staff it was ‘too hot of a topic.’ Censorship in this country is getting out of hand. It is our mission to ensure that your voice is heard and never shutdown.

Though The New Internet browser, make your voice heard today and tell GoFundMe and PRNewswire how you feel about the importance of Freedom of Speech – an American value:

Next update: We are not just stopping at phone Apps. The New Internet launched the Windows version of its desktop site allowing users to fully participate through Windows as they would with our App. You can go to and download the browser straight from our site. This is especially exciting as it comes on the heels of two more major companies trying to silence our voices.

Thank you for supporting us in our fight to end censorship and create a freer internet. Keep on the lookout for some exciting new capabilities coming to our browser as we continue to expand and grow.

Elizabeth Heng, CEO

The New Internet

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