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Freedom of Speech ICANN and POWERS They Should or Should Not Have

The New Internet will be moving from Amazon and Godaddy to one of these counties below to make sure safety and reliability of its new internet domain names and servers are safe. The Fact that Godaddy or any company has the power to delete a domain name like with out reason is just insane! Republican Sen. Ted Cruz had a chance at stopping this back in 2016 which was I think the biggest loss to the American people as our freedoms were handed over to non profit rather then a government ran entity. Look what happens when public and even non profits companies control the DNS space. Godaddy just turns off a domain? Hello! before 2016 and from the start of the internet the government controlled such power until they sold it. I hope Republican Sen. Ted Cruz and others like him change this back to government ran in the future! He knows how important this is even if most readers don't understand the magnitude of our how we lost our freedoms from this. Companies like Godaddy have been given a loophole and can do what ever they want pretty much which is not freedom at all! Those who control information control our freedom!

Good news there are still Domain name companies that are for your freedom of the speech just they are outside of our country! You might not expect these countries to score highly on such an index at all, let alone more highly than the United States.

So in case you still think “they hate us because of our freedom”, ere are five countries with greater freedom of speech than the United States! No wonder everyone is leaving the USA.


5. Suriname Suriname is the smallest sovereign state in South America it ranked 20st in freedom of the press in 2020.

4. Norway Norway placed first on the Freedom of the Press Index in 2020, but they belong to the EU restrictions

3. Latvia Latvia placed 22rd place overall in 2020.

2. Namibia Namibia placed 23th on the Freedom of the Press Index. The country is run largely by tribal and political influence, yet it managed to outperform the United States in journalist freedom.

1. Jamaica Jamaica placed 6th overall for the Freedom of the Press Index,

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