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Giving Power Back to the People with dDVPN - next generation VPN/dDVPN

The New Internet is built on top of a decentralized Domain Virtual Private Network (dDVPN). It is the next generation VPN which is the foundation that The New Internet is built upon. The dDVPN provides users a secure method to access online content with end-to-end encryption; this stops big tech, government agencies and hackers from intercepting, mining or selling user data.

dDVPN is just one of the many ways that the TNI browser gives power back to the people from big tech and keeps users secured.

d- (decentralized) platform where a single entity does not own control of all

the data crossing the VPN or connection end points.

D-(Domain) Internet Domain where companies provide services such as a

website or other app functions.

VPN-(Virtual Private Network) encryption to provide secured remote access

over the internet.

How is a dDVPN more secure than a VPN and dVPN?

Flow chart of a current user using a regular browser with no VPN usage.

As an example, we use buying Bitcoin through Coinbase. All information that is sent over through a regular browser can be intercepted at any time -- including location, logins, passwords, etc.

Flow chart of a current user using VPN/dVPN to buy Bitcoin through Coinbase.

VPN - Data is encrypted from User to VPN connection. However, there’s still vulnerabilities using regular browsers from the VPN connection to the Coinbase website that can still be intercepted. Furthermore, third-party VPNs decrypt the data and can potentially be a ‘man-in-the-middle’ exploit.

dVPN - Data is encrypted from User to the dVPN. They share the same challenges as a VPN connection. Even more, anyone can own a dVPN -- government agencies, hackers, or your neighbor.

The New Internet’s dDVPN’s is the most secured type of connection the new internet is built on top of our internet browser. Our TNI Browser provides end-to-end encryption. Unlike the current dVPN infrastructure models that allow any user or entity to buy and become a participant in a dVPN, TNI platform limits the purchase of nodes to only domain owners.

This ensures that network nodes are not owned or used by bad actors (hackers, government agencies, etc.), and that each decentralized domain virtual private network (dDVPN) node is customized and configured for every participating server domain. User traffic is encrypted from a user’s browser to the correct domain a user wants to visit--instead of a random VPN end point which may or may not have a man-in-the-middle problem.

Note: Domain users are NOT required to purchase a TNI dDVPN node. This

decentralized method provides domain name owners the ability to purchase a

node elsewhere and have full discretion where they decide to secure the data

when their users, customers, and employees provides information directly to


Here’s the summary:

Why should I care?

Keeping personal information private is important. Otherwise, users are vulnerable to tracking, malware, ransomware, and privacy/security issues and are prone to identity theft, stalking, and stolen company or personal information.

What other security features does dDVPN provide to users on The New


TNI Web Browser routes all data traffic through these dDVPN tunneling protocol that cycles a randomized encryption algorithm. If any data is decrypted, it is cycled into a new encryption. As a result, a third-party is unable to track, profile, spy on, or locate a user’s data from the browser in real time as it would require a new signature file to read the decrypted traffic thus by constantly changing our library, this prevents potential hackers from decrypting TNI as it will require a new Signature file everytime our algorithms change. We also change the SSL protocol so hackers cannot interpret the SSL traffic correctly-- which adds an additional layer of protection.

Furthermore, TNI dDVPN nodes owned by each verified domain owner have the same cycling encryption so that all data traffic is secured from end-to-end. The tunneling protocol routes data traffic to computer “nodes” that make up the decentralized Domain Virtual Private Network. TNI also stops malware, ads and ransomware.

How does The New Internet Browser different from regular browsers?

First it uses a dDVPN by default without the users having to understand or

install anything. Secondly TNI has its own Blockchain DNS that stores all

domains as txt records under our domain. This allows TNI to do a domain

lookup for where to send the tunnel per domain. When TNI browser goes to

connect to a domain, it does a DNS lookup twice: once for a A record of what

IP address, just like they would for a regular browser lookup

and once for a TXT record for a domain name. However, this differentiates from traditional looks up. Instead of searching for an IP for web servers, this request sends back a TXT record that explains what tunnel to open a direct connection to for a given domain. This way, information stays secured all the way from your domain (like the Coinbase domain example below).

Why is a fully encrypted internet browser important for everyone?

Companies: A data leak is costly. Customers are angry that their information has been stolen and companies often do not discover the breach until it is too late. It’s embarrassing to send out an email to thousands and millions of customers that there was a breach in a company’s system; The average total cost per breach in 2019 $8.19 million.

Users: Users can stay safe by filtering bad websites that have attached ransomware and malware that are preying on vulnerable targets. Users are easy targets and this browser stops users from getting tracked or profiled. Just an example, website xyz embeds software on a user's computer where they can track every move and keystroke. TNI browser prevents this from happening. Lastly, the randomized encryption prevents companies, ISPs, ad trackers, cross cookies, and any trackers from retaining your information without your approval. By browsing TNI, trackers are unable to see your location from end to end.

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