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Cisa Review Questions Answers

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nb: the cisa review manual is updated to keep pace with rapid changes in the information systems (is) audit, control, and security professions. as with previous manuals, the 27th edition is the result of contributions from many qualified authorities who have generously volunteered their time and expertise. an international job practice analysis is conducted periodically to maintain the validity of the cisa certification program. a new job practice forms the basis of the cisa. the complete cisa job practice is available at

surgents adaptive technology is attractive enough to make it a determining factor in your cisa review course decision. focusing on your weak areas is the fastest and most effective way to ensure cisa exam success, and surgents course equips you to do just that. and with readyscore, you can be sure that your efforts to increase your knowledge are fruitful. finally, because youre studying so efficiently for the cisa exam, you can pass quickly and not have to worry about only having 18 months of course access. youll find that 18 months is plenty of time when youre able to maximize the productivity of each study session.

whether youre preparing for your cisa exam, or simply want to brush up on your is knowledge, the surgent cisa review course is a great way to increase your information security knowledge and gain a deeper understanding of the job practice areas covered by the cisa. prepare to ace your cisa exam and have a confidence boost of your certification in the process!

nb: the cisa review questions, answers & explanations manual 12th edition consists of 1,000 multiple-choice study questions, answers, and explanations arranged in the domains of the current cisa job practice. with this study aid, cisa candidates can quickly identify their strengths and weaknesses by taking random sample exams of varying lengths and breaking the results down by domain. sample exams also can be chosen by domain, allowing for concentrated study, one domain at a time, and other sorting features such as the omission of previously correctly answered questions are available. 3d9ccd7d82


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