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To install non-security updates during the installation of a systemd service, pacman checks if the service should be registered for automatic starting or if it should be registered as a system service. If systemd is not enabled in the system, pacman installs the service and, if needed, registers it as a systemd service.

This package updates the default system-installed manpages to version 5.11. The installation of manpages-fr_CA-2018-12 on the server system was incomplete and was not supported by pacman.

Having static packages as a second option was planned from the beginning. However, the number of static packages in pacman's database is still far from sufficient, and one has to wait for more people to adopt it.

This package updates to all currently available free-side dependencies, along with the hard-to-reproduce pacman-sig-builder bleach conflict patch. Without a system-provided pinfo file, pacman could not determine the libgmp version the package requires. This version of pacman has included a workaround for instances where libgmp is the wrong version for libpmem and other dependencies. libpmem is a new package that provides in-place memory compression for the pacman package database, currently available for testing from the staging area.

And, as with the standard version pacman -S, -S will only change /etc/pacman.conf and not the package /var/lib/pacman/local directory; use the version without -S if you want to edit that directory directly. pacman -Syu will update packages but not configure packages, i.e. it will not download/install or build/unpack packages from the repositories; you will then have to download and configure them manually. 3d9ccd7d82


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