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Bastard Art Book Download

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Bastard Art Book Download

Includes unlimited streaming via the free Bandcamp app, plus high-quality downloads of Cemetery Miasma, Sex & Blood, Iron Nerve & Vanity, Renewal, At the Gates of Hell, The Book of Creation, Daemonum Desperatio, Time Destroys Everything, and 221 more. , and , . Excludes supporter-only releases.

The Sword of the Bastard Elf is an epic single player gamebook adventure of ludicrous size and scope. It's more than 350,000 words long with 1825 sections to jump around and more than 100 original illustrations to gaze at (in your choice of full colour or black and white line art). It also includes a beer and pretzels role playing game for a "Dungeon Bastard" and up to four players, and an introductory scenario to get you started.

Featuring writing by the weird and enigmatic Herman Skull, illustrations by the humble and enigmatic S. Iacob and a never-before-seen illustration by fantasy art legend Tony Hough (Fighting Fantasy illustrator for Spectral Stalkers, Night Dragon, Knights of Doom and Bloodbones), there's a lot of entertainment right here! It's certainly not a gamebook you'll get to see all of in a single sitting, or probably even ten sittings, with plenty of different ways to get to your goal, or die somewhere outside being eaten by something horrible. However you go out you're guaranteed to have a good time doing it, as every page drips with a combination of black and very low-brow humour.

A lot of love has gone into this tome. You'll notice the PDF is hyperlinked so you can click your choices to go to the page number you want, and the 170+ items are illustrated and listed in the back of the book for your item-hoarding convenience. There are multiple print versions so you can pick the experience you want: an old-school black and white soft cover book with chunky line art, or an insanely heavy hardcover book in full colour. If enormous tomes aren't your style there's also now a travel edition which packs all this into a man-portable brick of a book (get it here). All versions have the same berserk quests, the same brutal and weird humour and the same goldbrick of an elf to guide about a world that is thoroughly uninterested in his continued survival.

If you spring for one of the print versions you will own one of the biggest behemoths possible to pack into your bookcase. The stunning full-colour hardcover version weighs in excess of 2kg and commands the respect and awe of anyone entering the room. The slightly more reserved but still utterly huge black and white version will still dominate the bookshelf while also being just portable enough to lug around with you when you go places.

You can get a couple of things to help you in playing this book : a deck of item cards (regular cards or a print & play/digital reference version) or a special pre-printed card book with a lot more information about the items you'll pick up and the world you're stumbling around in when you play this game. A bit later on there'll be a Bestiary with even more info, hints and tips and useless jokes. But you don't need any of that stuff to jump in - all you need is a couple of dice and your two rock-hard fists!

Warning: This is not for little kids! While there's nothing overtly sexual or extremely horrible going on here there are some very weird characters, something called a phalloknight, lots of codpieces, an unpleasant dragon and some violent situations which could put anything younger than a teenager off gamebooks forever. Also they won't get the really good jokes.

Born in Philadelphia in 1943, R. Crumb has used the comic-book medium to address the absurdity of social conventions, political disillusionment, irony, racial and gender stereotypes, sexual fantasies and fetishes. Inspired by Thomas Nast, Honoré Daumier and T.S. Sullivant, among others, his drawings offer a satirical critique of consumer culture.

AB: Straight off the bat, it was a matter of figuring out what characters were going to be going together alon


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