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Anurag 3.1 Crack [UPDATED]


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With the rapid development of asphalt pavement, the drainage capacity of asphalt pavement is becoming more and more demanding. Therefore, it is imperative to study the permeable asphalt mixture. The air voids and the connected air voids are the main factors affecting the drainage function and low- temperature performance of asphalt pavement. In order to solve the drainage and low-temperature cracking problem, it is proposed to incorporate a certain amount of polyester fiber into the permeable asphalt mixture. This paper studies the air voids and low-temperature performance of asphalt mixture with different polyester fiber contents. It is concluded that with the increase of polyester fiber content, both the air voids and the connected air voids decrease first and then increase and reach the minimum value when the polyester fiber content is 0.4%. At this time, the low-temperature crack resistance of the permeable polyester fiber asphalt mixture is also the best.

In permeable asphalt mixture, it is difficult to satisfy the high viscosity requirement by using ordinary modified asphalt alone, but the viscosity can be increased by incorporating with polyester fiber [3,4], and its viscosity also increases with the increase of the polyester content [5]. Polyester fiber has a large specific surface area and can absorb some asphalt to reduce leakage loss. In addition, polyester fiber can also absorb saturated hydrocarbon and aromatic hydrocarbon in the asphalt mixture and increase the adhesion force between the asphalt and aggregate surface [6]. In recent years, it has been observed that polyester fibers can increase the compressive strength, water stability, and temperature sensitivity of SMA mixtures [7-10]. There is a large number of fiber-modified asphalt binders and fiber-modified asphalt mixtures that can be used to deal with major flexible pavement problems such as rutting, fatigue cracking, thermal cracking, and loosening [11]. Furthermore, some drainage problems are investigated in porous mixture and the results show that polyester fiber incorporation reduces drainage problems [12, 13].

The permeable asphalt mixture can quickly remove the road surface water due to the existence of more connected voids, but the semiclosed voids will leave some water in the voids, which will cause frost heaving damage of asphalt pavement at low temperature. Low-temperature cracking is one of the main diseases of asphalt pavement, which greatly affects the function of pavement. Some studies have shown that polyester fiber has a certain effect on the low-temperature crack resistance of the asphalt mixture [22, 23]. The incorporation of polyester fiber can increase the toughness of the asphalt mixture, reduce the sensitivity of the mixture to water, improve the crack resistance of the mixture, and prolong the service life of the mixture at low temperature [5, 24, 25].

3.2. Effect of Polyester Fiber Content on Low-Temperature Crack Resistance. Bending test is used to analyze the effect of polyester fiber on the low-temperature crack resistance of the permeable asphalt mixture. The test results are shown in Table 8.

The maximum flexure tensile strain is an index to measure the low-temperature deformation ability of the asphalt mixture. The larger the maximum flexure tensile strain, the larger the deformation range of the asphalt mixture and the better th


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