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A love triangle develops between Gary, Rick, and Karen, a beautiful new virginal student who Rick is determined to have sex with. Gary first sees her one night at an ice cream parlor, then in the school lunchroom, and asks David to find out where she lives. The next morning, in an attempt to get closer to her, he punctures her bike tires and invites her to ride to school with him. During and after the ride, he makes multiple attempts to woo her, much to her indifference. That evening, Gary attends a party at David's house and is devastated to find Karen in close company with Rick. He tries to entice her away from his friend but she treats him with blank disinterest. He becomes drunk and makes a fool of himself, falling about, then creates an embarrassing scene in front of his parents' dinner guests when he goes home.

Still in search of the footage, the group breaks into Curtzman's truck, where they find a picture of his daughter, Becca (Sarah Habel). Curtzman and Rudy discover them in the truck, and a pursuit ensues. Priscilla loses Naz, but sees Brad at a distance: she follows him to an alleyway where she sees him having sex with Mary Margaret, her mentor at the purity society. Her boyfriend and her mentor are true hypocrites. Upset, she determines to lose her virginity. She tries to have sex with Chuck, but he turns her down as he thinks she might regret the decision. After trying to lose her virginity to some random strangers, she is found by Naz, and they return to Curtzman's event at the hotel. They are met by Becca, whom Chuck has located on the internet. Priscilla tries to talk to Curtzman again but is insulted, and Becca, overhearing the conversation, becomes angry with her father. Curtzman then makes disparaging remarks about the women who are participating in the event: these are accidentally broadcast over the PA system, and when he appears on stage the crowd humiliate him and leave him naked, the incident being videotaped by Rudy.

A week later, Priscilla is seen to have become close friends with Naz. She flirts with Chuck, and learns he too is a virgin. She receives a package containing the CD footage of the party at Pennington, sent by Rudy, and learns that she was not, after all, the topless girl, as she is seen vomiting beside the camera. Naz, Eileen and Kevin give her a lecture about condom use and she has a romantic evening with Chuck, both having sex for the first time. Naz (finally graduating) is seen with Kevin, hearing Priscilla's screams while having sex in the other room. The movie ends with Naz breaking the fourth wall to say "I wonder what would Mary Margaret say now", while a title says that Priscilla is 0% pure but 100% satisfied ... eventually.

Nearly a third - 31 per cent - of the "virgin pregnancy" group say they had made a chastity pledge, a vow often promoted by conservative Christian church groups which argue sex should only take place in the context of marriage.

Lead author Amy Herring, a professor of biostatistics at the University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill, say the volunteers "weren't asked a question 'have you had a virgin pregnancy', it was put together from a series of questions about pregnancy history and vaginal intercourse history."

"In fact we went back a few weeks ago to see if this was a phenomenon that was confined only to the women, and we actually found a few virgin fathers as well - which is a little harder to get your head around."

Summary: Adam Chamberlain is a 20-year-old youth minister, a best-selling author, and most important, the head of a rabid national virginity movement. But practicing virgin or not...Adam is about to lose it. Just a few weeks shy of marrying the girl of his dreams - the only woman God has said he can ever know sexually - Adam's fate, future and sex life are cast in direct opposition with God's Word. 59ce067264


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