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[S3E8] Where There's A Will

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[S3E8] Where There's A Will

The fireside scene where she confided to her husband that she would be up for a fling was bold, daring and rather modern. Question is: has she got the chops for it And will Ross stand up for his marriage It's about time he did...

Stacy Levy: [00:11:22] I do. Also there's times where it's really tricky for me to fit this into my life. I need to pull on different strings to keep me involved in it at times. That's one of them is I wanna model for them, one, that I care about them and their future enough to do this, but two, that getting involved is, not only important for me as an individual and it fills me up, but it also is a way of giving back to our future.

Stacy Levy: [00:12:15] It has been very trick and at times, my husband's complained that I'm a little too stretched, but I think there's a few things that have helped me. One is I really try to stay very organized and have my priorities cleared so that I have time to stay engaged and get everything done that I need to get done. I also have learned I need to say no to things sometimes. There's sometimes where there's something that I'd really love to do, but I just can't do everything. So learning to say no has helped me avoid burning out.

Dave Damm-Luhr: [00:20:40] Sounds like there's a real just in time learning approach here to find where in the national scene across the U.S. and Mothers Out Front, somebody may have done something similar before and you can stand on their shoulders and don't have to start from scratch.

Stacy Levy: [00:20:56] Yep. Exactly. Then there's been times when people from our time have [00:21:00] been asked to share with teams who are newer things that we've done. So it's a model, really, where we're all growing in our own pace and learning from each other. It's wonderful. It's empowering to be able to share what we did and realize, "Oh, we actually have something we can share now."

One thing is certain: I have no clue where any of this is going, outside of some very broadstrokes ideas. That's what I really love about this show. It's often unpredictable. Characters (usually) act like real people, which is nice, but there's always some surprise waiting in the wings.

Meanwhile back at King's Landing, Sansa and Tyrion are not exactly enjoying their wedding feast. Joffrey gets Sansa alone to tell her that he might just put a baby in her, while Tywin gets Tyrion alone to berate him for getting too drunk to do his Lannister duty. Joffrey announces that there's going to be a bedding ceremony, a Westerosi custom where the guests strip the couple and bring them to bed. Tyrion tries to refuse but Joffrey asserts his royal authority, prompting Tyrion to drunkenly stab a knife into the table and inform the King that if he pushes this, he'll have to fuck his own bride with a wooden cock! Joffrey flies into a rage, but Tyrion is able to avert disaster by playing a giggling over-the-top drunk, and leading Sansa away while Tywin smooths things over. In their bedchamber, the newlyweds are about to do their unhappy duty, when Tyrion calls it off. Screw his father, he's not going to do it until Sansa wants him to. And then he passes out on a couch, leaving her the bed.

Tom talks to Cora about the plans to farm one third of the estate farmland directly. Tom thinks that he and his daughter should stay in the estate agent's house, but Cora says that they are welcome to live in the main house. Tom won't talk to Robert about the plans, saying that it should be for Matthew to explain. Isobel Crawley tells Ethel about the Dowager Countess and her job advertisement. She explains Violet's reasoning that a change to a place where no one knew of her past would "wash her clean". She gives Ethel the responses and says that it will be her decision. 59ce067264


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