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Download GTA Style Trainer Rar

Download :::

In particular, I really like that this Trainer adds the Online radios to the Offline mode. Is there any chance you could make a mod to add these radios without using the trainer or the possibility of being able to override various buttons that the trainer uses The truth is, I only use the trainer's navigation ones. Thank you!

Damn it !I just downloaded this new trainer and redownloaded the game but nothing is working since I have noscript hook and dll files. Is there again an online update of the game that broke everything

Finally, if you're looking for trusted, virus-scanned and updated trainers for your game please check the following ones. We strongly recommend using them:- Simple Trainer by sjaak327 -> Enhanced Native Trainer by Zemanez ->

hey guys, there is a simple trainer and menyoo, I just updated the scripthook, but now for some reason the game crashes somewhere in the second picture while loading a single mode, no errors are given, what could be the problem

Hello everyone, when I using the trainer, the problem of the camera curve on the cars appeared. For example, on Torero the center of the camera (or the place of centering the camera, I don't know what else to call it) is shifted to the back of the car, somewhere near the rear arch. On Futo GTX there are problems with camera zoom, that is, if I turn on 1 mode on any other machine, then on Futo GTX the scale is as if camera mode 2 is on. What could be the problem These are not isolated examples. In GTA Online with this did not come across.

@Erwin_Nemets We just can hope for a good samaritane's good action which has downloaded the source code to update it. Because it's creator has discontinued its updates permanently. Unfortunatelly, Menyoo is a forsaken and dead mod for its creator.

The trainer also includes bodyguard /ped spawning, any model can be spawned, any weapon can be given , defaults in trainer.ini, these can also be altered using the bodyguard menu in game. In additional to bodyguards, also drivers, combat peds and peds and drivers that attack the player can be spawned. Normal peds can be given a total of ten tasks. You can assign the same tasks to the last spawned ped. You can set the bodyguards to follow you in a car. You can also select a specific ped and do stuff on the selected ped.

Changes from 8.6-Infinite Boost, vehicle options, will be saved when save settings is used. Hold X or E (depending on the vehicle).-Fixed an issue when you search for vehicle engine sound.-One thing that always kind of bugged me was the removal of the native that allows for sitting. jedijosh920 sitting mod allows this,but it only supports a few chairs or benches. So I have borrowed the animations from this mod (thanks jedijosh920), but the trainer will support208 chairs, benches, stools and busstops. Options menu 2nd page, or L+numpad 0.

Changes from 9.0-added 3 new horns.-did a complete animation extract, I believe all animations are now in trainer. No duplicates. Total of 138.679 animations.-added Christmas Decoration in Nightclub and in the Terrorbyte.-fixed the VIP lounge. Also added the Spin the Wheel table, just for show.-added Biker Mission wall in the biker clubhouses, again just for show.-fixed bug where the 3 new weapons were not included with the infinite ammo,no reload.-various small fixes.

Changes from 9.4-Ability to replace the special ability bar with a bar that works both for boost (nitro) and shunt boost, if nitro is enabled, this will replace the special ability barwith the bar related to nitro. To use this functionality, add nitro1=1 to defaults section of trainer ini. By default the special ability bar is not replaced.-Ability to use mines on all vehicles, by default this option is disabled, and same as with nitro, it will only work on vehicles that have the relevant mod appliedin the Vehicle mod menu. You can enable this option (vehicle opt


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