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Logan (English) Love Full Movie 1080p __FULL__

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Logan (English) Love Full Movie 1080p __FULL__

When Steven Soderbergh announced his plans to retire from filmmaking around the time he turned 50, many had their doubts that he would follow through. By then, Soderbergh had already spent more than half his life living and breathing film. He had directed one of the quintessential works of the late-20th century indie movement in Sex, Lies, and Videotape, a film that would have been a deserving Best Picture winner in Traffic, and one of the most entertaining and rewatchable movies ever made in Ocean's Eleven. So his plan to step away from Hollywood to focus on painting seemed comparable to Joaquin Phoenix vowing to retire and become a rapper in what was later confirmed to be a stunt for a mockumentary no one liked.If 2013 was to be Soderbergh's farewell tour, it would consist of the well-reviewed character study Side Effects and HBO's Emmy-decorated Liberace biopic Behind the Candelabra. But would Soderbergh's love of film really only endure in the features found on his personal website, like lists of films he's watched and recuts of classics like Psycho and Raiders of the Lost ArkTurns out, Soderbergh's less widely reported remarks clarifying his retirement as a sabbatical were more accurate because after four years out of the director's chair, he returns with Logan Lucky, exactly the kind of movie you hope to see from the maker of the Ocean's trilogy and Out of Sight.Not to be confused with the year's dark Wolverine send-off (or its black and white home video edit Logan Noir), this Logan is an original heist comedy from a mystery writer credited as Rebecca Blunt, believed to be a pseudonym and possibly of Soderbergh's longtime wife Jules Asner. It focuses on a family residing around the border of West Virginia and North Carolina. They include Jimmy (Channing Tatum), a former high school football star whose promising career was cut short by a knee injury, and his brother Clyde (Adam Driver), a bartender who lost his forearm near the tail end of his second Iraq tour. Jimmy has a beloved young daughter Sadie (Farrah MacKenzie) with his ex-wife (Katie Holmes), who has remarried into money (David Denman, still best known for his recurring stint in the early seasons of "The Office"). There is also a third Logan, Mellie (Riley Keough), a hair stylist whose wardrobe is full of mesh tops and brightly colored bras.Clyde has a theory about the family's lack of luck, which may be to blame for Jimmy's latest misfortune: getting fired from his construction job after he is spotted limping and determined an insurance liability. Jimmy doesn't get angry. Instead, he makes a clear-headed plan to rob the Charlotte Motor Speedway, drawing up a list of rules to follow. The list helps Jimmy persuade Clyde to get on board with the plan. The two brothers then bring the plan to Joe Bang (a bleached blonde Daniel Craig), an incarcerated convict and explosives expert who is essential to pulling off what should be a multi-million dollar robbery.Once Joe agrees to getting busted out of jail to do his part, his two redneck brothers also get involved, once the Logans give them reasons to make the robbery align with their own morality.And well, we get another Steven Soderbergh heist movie. It's not George Clooney and company looking cool and outwitting Vegas casinos. But it's a similarly enjoyable experience, the most fun a Soderbergh film has been since Eleven back in 2001. His virtuoso skills as director, cinematographer, and editor are on full display here. While it's possible he's really "Rebecca Blunt" (which would be tacky, given the paucity of creative jobs for actual females in Hollywood), Soderbergh hasn't taken a feature writing credit since 2002's disappointing Solaris. Still, his gifts as a director always enhance the storytelling and that is certainly the case here. Logan's story feels a little more like a Coen Brothers comedy than one of the director's slick capers, but the two classes are


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