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Now the exceptional heat has continued into the autumn of 2014. The average temperature for April 2014 was 1.11 oC above the long-term average, and continuation of abnormally warm temperatures into late May has delayed the onset of winter conditions across southern Australia. A remarkable, prolonged warm spell occurred over the period 8-26 May, with daytime temperatures 4 to 6 oC above normal over much of south-central Australia, extending from South Australia and northwest Victoria into Queensland and the Northern Territory. The 24-month period ending with April 2014 was the hottest two-year period on record, with an average temperature 1.16 oC above the long-term average, easily eclipsing the previous 24-month record set in the 2002-2004 period.

Daily scores are calculated based on scores assigned to temperature, snowfall, and snow depth thresholds. The daily scores are accumulated through the winter season, allowing a running total of winter severity in the midst of a season as well as a final, cumulative value characterizing the full season. Accumulations of the temperature and snow components of the index are computed separately and then added together for the total index. This allows a comparison of the relative contribution of each to the total score. 59ce067264


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