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Rettake FALCO - Bring It Back

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Sounds of battle disrupt their conversation and they notice that the Titans Zeke transformed from former soldiers are fighting their own military. Armin is surprised since Eren should be able to control all the Titans with the Founder's power. Jean wants to go help and suggests that they may be able to feed Falco to a soldier to bring someone back since Falco probably holds the Jaw Titan. He begins to suggest Dot Pyxis, but Conny interrupts to say they should save his mother, who is still in Ragako.

When the Walls crumble, Zeke's disappear, and the Doomsday Titan heads south, Pixis and his mutated comrades are left free to rampage in Shiganshina, without having any walls preventing them from heading to other places. The Titans start to devour Yeagerists and soldiers and swarm the city's military headquarters. As the Marleyan Warrior Falco Grice inherited the power of the Jaw Titan, Jean Kirstein considers feeding the boy to Pixis's Titan to save the old commander, but Armin objects against committing more violence, while Connie Springer argues that he wishes to bring back his Titanized mother. Jean rallies all the surviving loyalist soldiers and Yeagerists together for a counterattack to kill all the Titans, and during the purge, Pixis's Pure Titan is spotted by Armin, Mikasa Ackerman and Jean. Armin recalls the old times during the Battle of Trost District when he and Mikasa were still together with Eren, and Pixis had guaranteed for their safety and was the first important person to trust Eren. Armin expresses gratitude for Pixis's guidance as he fires a Thunder Spear, killing him.

Outside the Walls, Marley grows concerned with the five years of silence from Marcel, Bertolt, Annie and Reiner. Fearing the worse, the Marleyan government starts preparing a full scale invasion of Paradis with the military and Zeke's spinal fluid. Commander Magath dispatches the Warriors Zeke and Pieck as backup with a small contingent of Marleyan soldiers to Paradis Island. After one month of preparations, Reiner, Annie and Bertolt follow their plan to kidnap Eren by having Annie attacking the Survey Corps while outside in Wall Maria's deserted lands during the 57th Expedition Outside the Walls. As the Female Titan and following Reiner's instructions and information, Annie makes attempts to take Eren from the Survey Corps by force and bring him back to Marley, killing numerous soldiers in the process, including most of the Special Operations Squad. The mission ends up being a bait planned by the Commander Erwin Smith to try capturing one of the Intelligent Titans and interrogate them. The mission is a failure for both parties, as Annie escapes capture while is still unable to flee with Eren before Captain Levi and Mikasa Ackerman recover him from her. Following the failed mission and its great costs and casualties, the King's royal government of the Walls summons the Survey Corps leaders and Eren to Mitras to disband the regiment and hand Eren over to the Interior Military Police.

While resting in a forest of giant trees in a region of Wall Maria, Reiner convinces Ymir to join the side of her homeland Marley by promising safety for Krista, who actually revealed herself to be named Historia Reiss hours before, by somehow bringing her to Marley as an ally without the military harming her. Reiner, Bertolt and Ymir are forced to continue their escape sooner when they see the whole Survey Corps coming for them on horses. The Warriors let Ymir kidnap Historia by dragging her out of the Corps's formation to bring her along with them on their journey back to Marley, but they slow themselves too much and are reached by the Survey Corps and two units of the Garrison and Military Police. The Warriors try to escape, but they fail to keep Eren with them when Armin reveals to them that the Eldian military found out Annie's identity as the Female Titan, much to Bertolt's wrath. During Reiner's efforts to have anyone of the Pure Titans roaming around eat E


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