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Where To Buy Clergy Robes


Where To Buy Clergy Robes

All clergy robes are handcrafted using the finest fabrics, velvets, trims and threads. This assures you of an exceptional quality clergy robe every time. We are featuring many clergy robes with brocade trim in place of the delicate velvet and braid trim in place of piping. However, all clergy robes include one pocket/aperture. Clergy robes are furnished with embroidery as shown unless otherwise specified. Other embroidered designs are available. Please specify designs to be embroidered on clergy robe as well as trim fabrics and colors.

Robes and gowns for a unique clothing experience When purchasing a Bishop Clergy robe, you should especially pay attention to the material quality and the material processing!We stand for timeless fabrics and traditionally customized models which meet the highest quality expectations. Our materials are subject to exclusive standards which we constantly examine in detail. In spinning the wool, our manufacturer use particularly long-fibered wool which produces yarns of the finest quality. This enables us to obtain cloths with very few protruding fibers that are extremely comfortable to wear. Merino virgin wool is the best pure new sheep's wool; it is breathable, durable and wrinkle resistant.Our Bishop Clergy robes correspond to the highest expectations of our customers due to the particularly precious raw materials we use, and lend the office bearer a stylish, elegant appearance.

silver wool 100% MERINO WOOLTIMELESS bespoken silver wool cloth at 225 g/m (150 g/m2) is yarn-dyed and is manufactured specifically for TIMELESS robes from high-grade, extremely fine Merino worsted woolen yarn according to customer request. In order to meet the highest requirements, this yarn has conditioned crease-resistant and extremely hard-wearing characteristics. It can be described as extremely light, fine, luxurious, and soft to the touch, and it also falls elegantly.Standard Lining: 100% pure Silk

Your Uncle Di is really behind the clerical fashion curve this days, only this morning made aware of WomenSpirit's Spring Robe Sale. There's something about a sleeveless clergy stock and non-committally stained glass that says the Summer Solstice, and the USG Sheetrock 400, are just around the corner! A reasonable conjecture is that traditionally black clerical garb has its origins in some kind of early ascetical theology: signaling widowhood to the world or the like. For the same reason, perhaps, that the monks of some orders slept in their coffins, viz., as a memento mori, clergymen in Europe may have come to wear mourning full-time. That makes the modern emphasis on ministerial comfort all the more, well, modern. But there's more than mere physical comfort in play. We're meant to find ourselves in a comprehensive, all-embracing, sense of well-being. Kneelers are out. Pews are padded. The road never forks. We can have our cake and eat it. No decision means a final separation. Everyone's a priest: dad, mom, sis, Aunt Gretchen with the tattoo and the butch haircut ... We can tolerate anything except intolerance. We are a Spandex People. Even spiritual mentoring has changed. The old daguerrotypes and portraits of spiritual sages showed starved ascetics with burning eyes in a bony face. Today's gurus are exceptionlessly cuddly: your retreat master is almost certainly softer than you are, and most of his work consists in getting you in touch with your inner marshmallow. He'll have a great smile. True, cucullus non facit monachum, and one sleeveless shell doth not a summer make -- even with two comfort fabrics to choose from. For all that, there's something fundamentally un-serious about adjustable, adaptable, emancipated religion. A line from Michael Frayn's Constructions comes to mind: "A toy car is a projection of a real car, made small enough for a child's hand and imagination to grasp. A real car is a projection of a toy car, made large enough for an adult's hand and imagination t


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