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Frequently Asked Questions

What is The New Internet?

The New Internet is an encrypted internet browser that adds a comment section to every webpage.

Why should I use The New Internet?

The New Internet is the only internet browser that does not track your every move online and prevents third parties from tracking you too.

What is the point of verification?

Verification is important to decrease the prevalence of fake bots, trolling and cyberbullying. “Anonymity is often an essential component of cyberbullying and is used to refer to anonymous posts and interactions in which a person’s identity cannot be determined through the computer IP address, usernames, or handles.” “Cyberbullying also provides anonymity to the bully not possible with traditional bullying. Because of this, bullies cannot see the reactions of their victims and studies have shown that they feel less remorse.” By authenticating users, fake users will be eliminated and there will be less trolling and cyberbullying because a real person is tied to the comment. Join us. Get verified and help make The New Internet a safer, more ethical and open place.

How do I get verified?

There are two ways you can get verified. FREE: Drivers License and video: https://www.thenewinternet.com/verify-me-mem FEE: Online notary: https://www.thenewinternet.com/notarize-automation

How long does it take to get verified?

The verification approval process takes up to 24 hours.

Is The New Internet truly censor-free?

All users are able to freely speak their mind and opinions as long as it is legal. Remember, verified users are real people. Verification holds people accountable to their actions to create a safer and more open internet.

Can I close the comment section on the desktop browser?

Download the updated version for Windows and Mac. You can close the commenting section by clicking the TNI Icon below.

What are the benefits of being verified?

Verified users are real people. They received additional tools to engage on The New Internet. Verified users can help police and remove unverified user comments that are illegal comments so that we can create a safer and more open internet. Verified users can comment multiple times per webpage. This will eliminate fake news and fake posts. Verified users are real people and their comments will be prioritized.

Can I post photos to The New Internet?

Yes, users can post photos and videos in the commenting sections.

Is this a Social Media App?

No. The New Internet is an encrypted internet browser that allows users to make comments on every webpage without being censored or deplatformed. It’s a more private, more secure, more free, alternative to other web browsers such as chrome or safari.

How is The New Internet more private than the old internet?

The New Internet browser is the only internet browser that is encrypted by default. All of your data is encrypted through a tunneling protocol and no one can see what you are doing. We protect all users from getting spied on. Here is a video:

Why do I have to login twice?

Please download the new version and you will only have to login in once.

Where is The New Internet being hosted?

We have multiple servers and multiple server hosting companies across the United States and backup servers.

Where can I download The New Internet browser?

Apple Store, Android Marketplace, and on our website https://www.thenewinternet.com/downloads

If you have any additional questions, please contact support:

Android: https://www.thenewinternet.com/forum/support/android-desk iPhone: https://www.thenewinternet.com/forum/support/mac-support-desk iOS: https://www.thenewinternet.com/forum/support/ios-desk Windows: https://www.thenewinternet.com/forum/support/windows-support-desk-here

Is it safe to get verified?

Yes, all user’s personal data is encrypted and sent through a secured SSL Transmission. The New Internet deletes a user’s sent information when a user is verified.

I’ve been banned or my favorite people have been banned on Facebook or Twitter or other social media.

You can still use the commenting section on The New Internet Browser to comment on censored sites and/or platforms.

How does this stop fake news?

The New Internet is a check and balance to reporting and reporters. Users have the ability to make comments and rate pages on every web page in real time if the user agrees and/or disagrees with any content online.

Andriod and Google Play won't let me download this, cannot install help

Please use this link if you cannot install on a andriod OS or google phone. https://www.dropbox.com/s/rxfenpkjejizeu5/app-arm64-v8a-release_1_12.apk?dl=0

How long does it take to get verified

It takes up to 24 hours to get verified on our system.

Is this the new search engine for commentary?

Yes we have a search component where you can comment on each search

Where is The New Internet being hosted?

The New Internet is hosted between multiple servers. We have them in Texas, California and one in Virginia.