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Frequently Asked Questions

What is The New Internet?

The New Internet is an encrypted Web 3.0 peer-to-peer decentralized internet browser that connects to blockchain with a built in wallet.

Why should I use The New Internet?

The New Internet is the only internet browser that does not track your every move online and it prevents third parties from tracking you. There are no ads and data monetization so that every user can use the internet safely.

Is The New Internet truly censor-free?

All users are able to freely speak their mind and opinions as long as it is legal. Remember, verified users are real people. Verification holds people accountable to their actions to create a safer and more open internet.

Can I close the comment section on the desktop browser?

Download the updated version for Windows and Mac. You can close the commenting section by clicking the TNI Icon below.

Can I post photos to The New Internet?

Yes, users can post photos and videos in the commenting sections.

Is this a Social Media App?

No. The New Internet is an encrypted internet browser that allows users to make comments on every webpage without being censored or deplatformed. It’s a more private, more secure, more free, alternative to other web browsers such as chrome or safari.

How is The New Internet more private than the old internet?

The New Internet browser is the only internet browser that is encrypted by default. All of your data is encrypted through a tunneling protocol and no one can see what you are doing. We protect all users from getting spied on. Here is a video:

Why do I have to login twice?

Please download the new version and you will only have to login in once.

Where can I download The New Internet browser?

Apple Store, Android Marketplace, and on our website https://www.thenewinternet.com/downloads

If you have any additional questions, please contact the correct support desk:

Android: https://www.thenewinternet.com/forum/support/android-desk iPhone: https://www.thenewinternet.com/forum/support/mac-support-desk iOS: https://www.thenewinternet.com/forum/support/ios-desk Windows: https://www.thenewinternet.com/forum/support/windows-support-desk-here

I’ve been banned or my favorite people have been banned on Facebook or Twitter or other social media.

You can still use the commenting section on The New Internet Browser to comment on censored sites and/or platforms.

How does this stop fake news?

The New Internet is a check and balance to reporting and reporters. Users have the ability to make comments and rate pages on every web page in real time if the user agrees and/or disagrees with any content online.

Andriod and Google Play won't let me download this, cannot install help

Please use this link if you cannot install on a andriod OS or google phone. https://www.dropbox.com/s/rxfenpkjejizeu5/app-arm64-v8a-release_1_12.apk?dl=0

How is TNI Browser different than the Brave Browser?

TNI Browser does not have any ads and does not make money on user profile and data. TNI Browser is also more secure with a built in decentralized Domain Virtual Private Network (dDVPN) -- next generation VPN that is built into the internet browser for all users.

Does The New Internet utilize Blockchain or any consensus mechanisms?

Yes. By utilizing peer-to-peer networks, there is no central control of servers and information. Users will be able to download Network Nodes. Network Nodes will be used for the following: Verification of Blockchain Domain Name purchases; Verification of DNS replication; Creating storage for websites, making hashes in blockchain of the files to be stored in the Network Node (filestorage paid per gigabyte used); dDVPN Bandwidth used

How much does dDVPN cost?

The New Internet is founded on the premise that everyone should have a secured browser that doesn’t track, spy or sell your personal information. It’s a next-generation VPN that is FREE for all users and already built into TNI Browser.

What's the difference between an Internet Browser and a Search Engine?

An internet browser is like Safari, Firefox and Chrome. They use a database to retrieve information from a specific website -- like an electronic address book. A search engine is like Google, Yahoo, Duck Duck Go that searches a database based on key words or characters. TNI is not a search engine. TNI is a browser in which you can also buy domain names on The New Internet which will be hosted by individuals not a central authority.

How come I see advertising still when I surf on The New Internet browser?

You can view the old internet through the browser. So you can still go to google.com and see advertising but the browser will not add an additional layer of tracking / advertising which most of the current browsers do. TNI has a functionality for users to remove ads that are being shown from search engines. If this functionality is turned on, there will be blank spaces on the web page instead of advertisement.

How is TNI Browser different than the Metamask Browser?

The New Internet is a fully integrated browser so any changes and/or purchases that a user makes on their cell phone can also be seamlessly accessed on their desktop.