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CEO Story

The New Internet CEO, Elizabeth Heng, became passionate about the need for decentralized control from Big Tech when she ran for Congress in 2018. She told the story of how her parents lived through the Khmer Rouge's regime in Cambodia where millions of people were killed.  Their struggle is an incredible story of a young family who fled authoritarian oppression, came to the United States as legal, penniless refugees, and who worked towards achieving the American Dream.  Yet, despite the positive message that their story inspired, someone at Twitter and Facebook decided that they didn’t like that message and immediately censored Elizabeth's ad campaign from those platforms. 

She immediately faced the reality that many online platforms, including web browsers, have taken far too much control away from the very people who sustain their growth, all the while benefiting from the monetary value that these users’ personal data bring to the web economy.  This realization resulted in the development of The New Internet, an Encrypted Internet Browser that does not track, spy on, or sell your information.  The browser does not monetize on ads and/or sell your information.  The New Internet is fueled by TNI Coin, which is a crypto coin, that allows for online and offline transactions of payments with 1-click. This was an important first step in bringing autonomy back to the user and protecting the value of their personal data and online transactions.  Elizabeth is backed by Silicon Valley entrepreneurs and tech developers.

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Join us and our team to fight back against centralized control so that we can reclaim the right to our privacy, our truths and our user value.

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